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Patricia Rotunno / Patty Fairy

Patricia graduated in 1993 with a BA in Theater and Movie from the “Teatro Dirceu De Mattos” in Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil, professional face painter with art degree from the “ Academia de Belas Artes do Rio de Janeiro” she is currently taking her BA in Theater and Film at the UCLA Extension. Whit more than 10 years of experience as an actress she was a casting member of famous interactive children’s plays in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, plays such as Zorro, Robin Hood and The Enchanted Rose. Professional singer Mezzo Soprano and dance instructor (Hip hop, samba, tap, jazz, Hula, Flamenco, Classic / Modern Ballet and Belly Dancing). “…. I move to California with a dream to do something special and touch peoples lives. I finally found my mission in life. I realized that my dream is to make your child birthday memorable so he/she can have great memories from their childhood and eventually became a better and happier human being…..”
Hair: Brown – Eyes: Brown
Height : 5’4” Weight: 120
Special Skills: Speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish, cartoon voices, horse back riding, fencing and roller blade.
Characters that she plays: Princess, Fairy, mermaid, Dora, Annie, Alice, Dorothy, Strawberry, etc…..

Greg Freeman / Pirate

Greg has been involved in music and musical theatre since his early teens. He brings to The Princess Party his knowledge of art and the internet as well as his Guitar playing and recently aquired skills of Balloon Sculpture and other party participation activities.

Greg, the webmaster for The Princess Party, has created many sites for the entertainment industry via his company Net Design Team. They include Lippman Entertainment, Yari More, Melena and others.

Greg is currently working on the upcoming Princess Party music CD and hopes to have it completed near the end of the year.

Christina Juliana / Snow Queen

Christina is a professional princess character actress with a BA in acting and Theater from Towson University, she comes to LA fresh from a 3 year stint in the heart of New York City, where she performed as a lead in the off – Broadway production “ Glossing Over”. During the time in NYC she was involved in a host of film, TV (MTV, UPN, Discovery Channel) and commercial projects.

Work includes “Like a Wolf”, “ Angel of Death”, “Don’t Explain”, and several others, on down to co-hosting a show on MTV. Her dream project came to life with the flagship performance of “Tail of the Pups that bit us”, which ran at the New York Comedy Club. The jump to LA kept her busy on the acting and writing as well playing a snow queen princess at The Princess Party. She loves the work that she do at The Princess Party as she travels all over the California performing for children….. “Everyday I get to be a princess and if only for a moment is a great thing !”
Special skills: Dancing instructor of swing dancing, lindy hop and east coast swing.
Hair : Blond - Eye: Brown/ Height 5’3 – Weight 112
Characters that she plays: Mermaid, Wizard, Princess and Super Heroes.

Ann Rosemurgy / Ann The Princess Star

Ann graduated from University of Kentucky in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts Public Relations, where she was the captain and award winner of several prizes at the University of Kentucky Equestrian team. She was also the captain of the Olympic Team American Vaulting Association. She has traveled around of the world and she is an assistant and director for children’s theater in Northern California for the past 8 years.
“…. I have had a vast experience with children’s of all ages and I understand the energy & commitment it takes to keep a group of children happy and entertained…. This is my mission in life!”

Special skills: Horse back riding, public speaking and dance.
Hair: Blond - Eyes: Hazel
Characters that she plays: Princess, fairy, wizard, clown mermaid and super heroes.

Cali Ross / Cali The Mermaid  

Cali is a professional princess character actress (Betty Boop look like) and hostess of the first virtual city online community Cali played Debra Messing's "Maid of Honor" opposite Ben Stiller (Meet The Parents), on the feature film “ CAPTURE’ (at theaters in 2004 ). In Feburary she starred in “Call Waiting”, which screened at the 168 hours film festival and was nominated BEST ACTRESS. Cali is currently appeating in KZLA's commercial for Pro Flowers as a blond 50’s mom and she was recently a cast member in the children's play “Into The Woods Jr.”.

Hair: Brown – Eyes: Hazel / Height: 5’2” Weight: 100
Special Skills: Sing, basic Juggling
Characters that she plays: Princess, mermaid, clown and super heroes.