We provide first class professional child entertainers including: Princesses, Fairies, Mermaids, Live Cartoon Characters, Magicians, Story Tellers, Balloon Sculptors, Face Painters, Portable Jumping House (Jumpers), Pony Rides, and Gaming parties and Musical Train Rides.

We have entertainment for Birthday Parties, Events, Shows, Corporate Parties, Tea Parties, Formule 1 parties, and more. In this website you will find Jumpers and many different online party supply stores with 100's of licensed party themes.

We will make the best impression that we can in your child's birthday party and make this memory last forever.

We have several child oriented programs to make even the most demanding children enjoy themselves and have fun. Our latest offering is a Gaming themed party. We will provide your child with a video-game themed party, making their favorite characters come to life. We even have a special gaming setup where we start the party with the children playing a multiplayer exploration game (each child gets their own setup, include great keyboards and the best budget gaming mouse), and since we know that every parent worries about their child spending too much time in front of the screen, we have a built in scenario in the game where all the kids are confronted by a character on the screen who says he's going to come meet them in person, only to have one of our live entertainers show up in costume. This character will then usher your kids outside to play in the sun, creating a natural bridge between the screens that kids seem so drawn to, and the real world.


Our mission is to assist you with celebrating the love of your life…
Your child’s birthday!

Why do we celebrate birthday parties?

The day of our birth is the most significant day of our lives; because it was the day we were born & arrived on this beautiful planet. The day of our birth is very special, and it’s so important to the health of our souls to celebrate it. The birthday is a date that happens once a year to remind us of our day of birth. A day that reminds us how unique & special we are. . . The birthday party is the ultimate expression of love and life.

Your love for your child’s life!

Here’s a little story:

“One day GOD had a dream and decided to give birth to HIS dream. The first human being! “ Love is Life!

A child is the ultimate expression of love. Children are a physical expression of love. Children are the flowers and fruits of our lives.
They amaze us everyday!!

The birthday party is an annual reminder to us that one day somebody experienced an amazing love as a gift from GOD and conceived a child.

The Princess Party is committed to celebrating love for life!
We love what we do and have fun when we go to your child’s birthday party, because when we have fun at your party, I’m sure that your child will be dazzling happy, smiling and talking about the birthday party for months!
We will do our best to make your party remarkable, and request your assistance in creating this very important mission.

Here are some tips to make sure that you are hiring the right company:

1) Before you call any company look at their entire website, watch the videos, and read the contracts.

2) Get a pen and a notebook before you call so you can write the company’s name their phone number, prices and what they have to offer.

3) The Princess Party believes that what makes the difference is the communication, and the personality between you and the company that you are hiring. Make sure it’s a match.

4) Take time to celebrate your party, especially if you are planning a party on the weekend... Saturdays and Sundays between 12 noon and 4pm are the busiest times to have a party, because everybody else in town is having parties. If it’s possible schedule your party during the week, because you’ll receive a great discount & you’ll have a much more successful and stress free party. If you’re unable to schedule a party during the week, have at least a 4 hours party with lots of things to do. When you book with us ask for suggestions of games that the parents can play with the kids before the character arrives. Life is so busy and kids grow up so quickly. A Birthday Party is a great opportunity to bond and connect with your child.

5) If your child’s favorite character is the main attraction of the party, book your child’s character before sending out the invitations to make sure that the character is available. When you download the contract you will find a FREE party check list with everything that you’ll need to do, and in the order that will make your child’s party most successful and stress free. A birthday party is like a cake ….you can’t bake a cake before you add and mix the ingredients : )

6) Watch the video and read the entire contract before asking relevant questions.

7) Show your child the website (even if they are too young, play with your child while you are showing the videos and pictures to observe their reaction). Observe the child’s reaction to make sure that you are hiring the right company. Let them chose what makes them smile!

8) Please fill out ALL the information in the contract. (I understand some people do not like to give out their e-mails or cell phone number, although sometimes it is the only way that we can contact the client).

9) Send as much information as possible. If you need more space for special needs attach a separate sheet of paper, and staple to the ORIGINAL contract when you send the deposit. In the contract there is no field for the duration of your party, but please include what time your party will start and end. The check in time means the time that you want the character to arrive at your party.

10) Take pictures of your party (or hire our professional video/photo service, its memorable!) Our movie with your child as the star is a priceless remarkable memory of your child’s life. Captured images are forever, and our Princess Party movie is a treasure that will be watched and passed from generation to generation. Like your wedding video with a fun and magical Children’s touch!

11) AND last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!!!! Enjoy your party!!! Smile, you’re
Celebrating a gift of LOVE, your child’s LIFE!!!! - source: wedden op sport

Peace and Joy
The Princess Party

We specialize in Princess Parties, and this is what we’ve mastered and do the best, that’s why our company is called The Princess Party.
We have just about everything that you can imagine in terms of characters, and
We also do parties for boys (we have first class professional clowns and magicians).

We do our job with excellence, love and joy.